Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Star Trek Prey: Hell’s Heart (Book 1) by John Jackson Miller

Title: Star Trek Prey:  Hell’s Heart (Book 1)
Author: John Jackson Miller
Read by: Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Length: Approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes
Source: Simon & Schuster Audio Digital Review Copy – Thank-you!
A sci-fi adventure that includes a tale of vengeance one-hundred years in the making, Star Trek Prey:  Hell’s Heart is an epic original tale that includes many favorite Star Trek characters.

Klingon Commander Kruge’s death after his battle with Captain James T. Kirk on the Genesis planet started a power struggle amongst his many heirs in the Klingon Empire.  The heirs of his family fought against his loyal commanders who were overcome in battle.  Korgh, his young almost adopted heir and military colleague, saw his chance for power ripped away when he is unable to gain access to the Phantom Wing, a squadron of very advanced Birds of Prey with the power to fire while clocked that he had worked on himself.

One hundred years later, the USS Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard is escorting the heirs of Kruge to a celebration of their final battle.  Along the way, First Officer Worf discovers that the “battle” may not have been all that it seems to be 100-years ago.  The celebration finds itself a battle field with Worf kidnapped as a result.  Who is behind the kidnapping and slaughter?  Will Worf be able to return to the Enterprise?

Robert Petkoff is a top notch narrator for this audiobook.  His voices were perfect for the characters – he really sounded like Worf!  He also did a good British accent for Captain Picard.  This was a great story to listen to via audiobook.  As a lifelong fan of Star Trek, I thought this story was a riveting addition to the Star Trek cannon.  I also realized my mind added in music and sound effects – is that weird? 

The story was very engaging as Miller captured the characters perfectly while also having a lot of great action and elements of surprise.  This makes for a perfect audiobook to keep one entertained on your daily commute.  I was crushed when it ended as I wanted to know more!  Luckily, I am listening to Book #2 now.

Overall Star Trek Prey:  Hell’s Heart (Book 1) is an enthralling adventure story that perfectly captures the Star Trek world and characters.  Petkoff is a fantastic narrator that is a great character voice actor.  I highly recommend this audiobook!

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Stranger at Fellsworth by Sarah E. Ladd Exerpt - TLC Book Tours

I am a great fan of Regency Romance and I'm excited to find an author new to me - Sarah E. Ladd who writes Christian Regency Romance.  I'm currently almost finished with The Curiosity Keeper by Ladd and I'm loving it.  I'm happy to be on the tour for A Stranger at Fellsworth.  Below you will find an exciting excerpt from this novel.  Tune back in on June 6th for a review of A Stranger at Fellsworth.  For more stops on this tour check out the tour schedule at this link.


Superintendent’s Cottage, Fellsworth School

Surrey, England, 1807
She shouldn’t be listening. It was not polite to eavesdrop. But the daunting temptation was too much to bear.

Annabelle Thorley pressed her thin frame against the rough plaster wall just outside her uncle’s private library. She leaned close to the paneled door and strained to hear the hushed conversation within the chamber.

Under normal circumstances Annabelle would not care to listen to a conversation between her mother and her uncle, but a chilly autumn drizzle had forced her to abandon her painting in the garden, and boredom now compelled her to seek another form of entertainment.

Her mother’s laughter traveled through the wall and rose above the rain’s incessant pitter-patter. Annabelle frowned. Her mother’s laugh did not sound like a happy one, like the one she used when she was amused or surprised. It was the high-pitched, shrill sound she made when she was nervous.

Annabelle looked to her right and her left to make sure no one would witness her snooping, then settled back against the wall to learn the source of her mother’s discomfort.

Her uncle’s words were low. “Rumors of your husband’s business failings, not to mention his sharp temper, are far-reaching, Mary. As your brother, I feel I must intervene on your behalf. So I ask you directly: Is Thorley in trouble?”

Annabelle tightened her grip on her painting box and bit her lower lip. Why were they talking about her papa?

A pensive silence trailed the pointed question, then her mother finally responded. “I admit he is a different man than the one I married, but one thing has remained constant: Robert is a determined individual, with lofty ambitions and exacting expectations. Nothing incites chatter more than success, so please bear in mind that the tales you hear are merely rumors. They will fade, as gossip always does.”

Taken from “A Stranger at Fellsworth” by Sarah Ladd Copyright © 2017 by Sarah Ladd. Used by permission of http://www.thomasnelson.com/.

For more check out: Publisher’s e-commerce site: http://www.thomasnelson.com/a-stranger-at-fellsworth

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen A. Flynn

In a near dystopian future, time travel has become possible.  Eva Farmer, philanthropist and funder of the time travel, has a deep interest in finding a finished version of Jane Austen’s book The Watsons and also Jane Austen’s lost letters.  In this futurist world, Austen is even more of an obsession than now.  A new Jane Austen letter had been discovered in an old book that lead the world to believe that a copy of a finished The Watsons existed, but had been destroyed at some point in the past because Jane believed it revealed too much about her.

“And perhaps it was no accident that it was her friend Anne Sharpe, long-suffering former governess for Edward Knights’ children to whom she confided she had published ‘The Watsons’ but would never try to publish it. ‘It turned out, my dear Anne, to have shown far too much of my heart,’ she explains in the Croydon Ivanhoe letter.

‘Poverty is a great evil; but to a woman of education and feeling it ought not, it cannot be the greatest,’ earnest Emma Watson says in ‘The Watsons,’ adding: ‘I would rather be a teacher at a school (and I can think of nothing worse) than marry a man I do not like.’

To which one of her sisters replies: ‘I would rather do anything than be teacher at a school.’”

I am officially intrigued with this version of The Watsons.  Dr. Rachel Katzman is selected as one of the participants to travel back in time with Liam Finucane to 1815.  Together they will pose as brother and sister William and Mary Ravenswood from Jamaica looking for investments with Jane Austen’s brother Henry.  Things do not go quite as planned as when they first arrive in the dead of night, they are not able to get a room at a local inn because of the strangeness of their sudden appearance.  The money they hide on their persons is a large fortune at the time and they are soon able to set themselves up with style in London and arrange a meeting with Henry Austen. 

As they infiltrate the lives of the Austens, Rachel works to find the hidden novel, the letters, and well as what mysterious ailment Jane Austen has that will lead to her untimely death.  Rachel and Liam discover that trying to keep their pose is treacherous.  Will they be able to complete their mission and make it back to the future alive?

I LOVED The Jane Austen Project.  It combined two of my favorite elements – time travel and Jane Austen.  Author Katherine Flynn was able to perfectly capture the historic elements of 1815 and what it would be like for a modern person to be in that situation.  Also as a lover of all things Jane Austen, she captured Austen’ history perfectly and I really like the personality that Jane Austen had in this novel.  I loved having our two heroes get to know Austen on a personal level and be a part of her life.

I also loved the return to the future.  Without ruining things, I love that any changes to the past can have devastating effects to the future.  I also loved the side joke that any one sent in the past to help the Brontes would come back with a mysterious strain of TB or not at all.  I found it distressing that this version of the future had no problems with continuously altering the past.

The only part I didn’t like was actually like in this novel was the romance between Rachel and Liam.  Maybe it was because they were posing as brother and sister, but it seemed “icky” to me.  I also loved that Rachel had an engagement in the past with Henry Austen – I actually wanted that to develop into a romance and possible future!

Favorite Quotes:

 “How could anyone expect to travel to the past and not change it?

“’You’re thinking about this the wrong way,’ Eva Farmer said. ‘The past is a collective fiction like anything else.  Like fiat money, for example.  It exists because we agree it does.  It has no objective reality.’”

Overall, The Jane Austen project is an enjoyable immersive experience in the world of 1815 England.  I highly recommend it to fans of Jane Austen, historical fiction, time travel, or the regency period.

E-Book Source:  Harper Perennial – Thanks!