Monday, February 13, 2017

Priceless Movie Review and GIVEAWAY

Human Trafficking.

It’s a heavy topic that gets mentioned in the news, but is something that most people don’t really spend too much time thinking about.  In Priceless, we get a view into the underworld of human trafficking and what impact it has on the lives of those involved.

One man decides to not step away and go the easy path, but to go on the path of the greater good.  James is in a downward spiral.  He has lost his wife and custody of his young daughter.  Unable to hold down a job, he takes a quick cash job to drive a cargo truck cross country with no questions asked.  Crashing off the road in the dead of night, James hears noises in the back of truck, breaks it open and discovers two young women inside.  After he drops off his “cargo,” he decides he can’t just leave and take the easy road home, he wants to correct his mistake and help out the girls he dropped off.  As he tries to find them, he discovers the dark world of human trafficking of young ladies and realizes now more than ever he needs to make a stand.  Will James be able to find Antonia and Maria?  Why is motel owner Dale helping him?  Will James be able to get custody back of his daughter?

This movie really got to me.  I have been thinking about it all weekend and today.  I thought it really dealt well with the human trafficking storyline.  It definitely showed scenes of violence and it implied on what was happening to the girls so this is not a movie for young children.  It did show this in what I thought was a classy way so that you knew what was happening, but didn’t need to see the violence or rape happening.  It was a unique storyline that I have not seen anywhere else.  The primary focus was that every woman is “priceless” and a human being that should not be taken hostage and used for sex slavery.  It is an important message.

The storyline was excellent, a drama based on true events.  I thought the acting and characters were fantastic.  I really liked the journey of James and also finding out more about Dale.  I thought the young ladies were great as well showing life in a very difficult situation.  The villains were not mustaches twirling stereotypes, but were had good nuanced portrayals.  I loved the cinematography and beautiful scenery.  I also really enjoyed the music.  

The DVD has nice bonus features with a concert from Christian pop duo For King & Country.  One of the duo, Joel Smallborne stars as James in Priceless.  I had never heard this duo before and enjoyed their music.  I also liked the making of the movie featurettes.

Overall, Priceless is a movie I won’t soon forget and one that I highly recommend.  It’s an important subject that we should all be discussing.

Movie Source:  Review copy from the Icon Media Group.


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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lord of the Privateers by Stephanie Laurens Review (TLC Book Tours)

February is a month for romance novel reading.  I have read and enjoyed romance novels by Stephanie Laurens in the past and thought it would be good to read her latest.

Isobel Carmichael and Royd Frobisher were childhood sweethearts and companions.  After hand fasting, Royd sailed away promising to return in a month, only to be gone over a year.  Isobel swore they were finished at that point.  Now nine years later, Isobel has a mission she needs Royd to take her on as a privateer to rescue her young cousin.  Will Isobel and Royd be able to put aside personal differences to complete their mission?  Will they be able to resolve the problems that tore them apart in the first place?

I enjoyed Lord of the Privateers, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I would have read the other books in the series (this is the fourth book).  I constantly felt like I was missing something while I read the book.  I liked the two strong main characters, although their stubbornness made me angry at times!

I enjoyed the setting being during the Regency area with a stop in London.  Having most of the action on a privateer ship off on a rescue adventure made it very unique compared to other regency romance novels I have enjoyed.

My favorite quote:  “Fate moves in decidedly cynical ways.”

Overall, Lord of the Privateers is a good passionate adventure to satisfy your February romantic reading desires.  I would recommend reading the rest of the series first before enjoying this novel.

Book Source:  Review Copy for being a part of the TLC Book Tour

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Worthington Wife by Sharon Page Review and GIVEWAY (TLC Book Tours)

Missing Downton Abbey?  I know I am and The Worthington Wife was the perfect book to read to get over my Downton Abbey blues.

Set in the 1920’s, The Worthington Wife tells the tale of Lady Julia Hazelton.  She is a beautiful women from an esteemed family, but her fiancé, the future Earl of Worthington, died in the trenches in WWI.  She has dedicated her life to doing good works for the people of her brother’s estate and also those on the Worthington estate.  She especially cares for those who lost their loved ones in the Great War.  After the death of her fiancé’s brother, an American outcast from the family, Cal Carstairs arrives to take over as the Earl of Worthington.

Cal has no plans to actually become the Earl of Worthington.  He wants to destroy the estate after the treatment his parents received.  His father was the brother of the former Earl of Worthington (Cal is the cousin of Lady Julia’s late fiancé), but married a poor Irish servant in New York City and was cast out of the family.  After his father’s death and when his mother became sick, he wrote to the Worthington family to receive help, but they did nothing to help.  Cal had to resort to a life of crime to help his mother and his brother, and he has never forgotten.

Lady Julia makes it her mission to try to change Cal’s mind and show him that being the Earl of Worthington can be a worthy job that can help a lot of people.  Cal finds himself distracted by the beauty and goodness of Lady Julia, but his heart is filled with revenge.

Servants are given some subplots in the novel including a maid who is surprising promoted to cook, will she be able to handle it?  They unfortunately were not major characters such as the servants in Downton Abbey.  They were also players in a major mystery that was woven throughout the novel.
Before Anthony, Julia’s fiancé, left for the Great War, a couple of beautiful ladies who look like Lady Julia disappeared from the estate.  Mysterious things are suddenly happening again and Cal is on the case.  Certain that the Worthington family is corrupt, he wants to prove that one of the family was the culprit.  I really liked this mystery and the action involved at the end to solve the crime.

I liked the many, many nods to Downton Abbey from a servant marrying one of the family, to witty Grandma, to someone inheriting an estate with no interest or background in it.  There was also an American bride marrying into a family to bring money to the estate.  I loved these gems.

Most of all, The Worthington Wife was also a great romance as the two many characters grow to know each other the question of will they or won’t they kind of like Matthew and Mary in Downton Abbey.  I also loved a secondary plot that involved Cal’s brother David who was injured in the Great War.  The characters were very interesting and the plot line kept things moving and kept me entertained.  I really want to read more of Sharon Page’s novels.
Overall, The Worthington Wife is a perfect read for anyone looking for something to replace Downton Abbey, a good mystery, and/or a good love story.  

Book Source:  Review Copy as part of the TLC Book Tour. Thanks! 

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